Audio by REDRUM
Design by Max Marshall
Mix and mastered by Emilio Gaggio

Exclusive run of 20 cassettes featuring the upcoming Simon Says E.P by our co-founder REDRUM!

This 4 track cassette is available prior to digital release for those who have the technology to unlock its power! The cassette features double sided J-card insert with track listing and additional full body printing on both the A and B side of the tape.

This cassette was designed by founder Max Marshall and was inspired by early visual responses made to the E.P. In this first PATCH of designer and musician, Max took on Redrums music and began forming a visual narrative and story line that he imagined existed alongside the tracks. This initially started with pen on paper sketches, outlining the characters, movements and scenarios that would play out with the music. These designers are featured throughout the tape, most noticeably on the face of the tape itself, where the characters have been printed in red onto a clear transparent cassette.

This very special edition of the E.P will not be re-released so get up, go find a cassette player and have a listen!

Avilable via our BANDCAMP Shop.
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